Use of the University Name, Seal and Logos

The ever-growing popularity of UCLA and the widening fame of its research, educational programs, public service, and success in intercollegiate athletics, have led many to attempt to connect themselves or their products and services to the campus.

All the names of the University, however, including UCLA, and their associated marks and logos, are the property of the State of California pursuant to California Education Code, Section 92000. Permission of The Regents of the University of California is required to use the University’s Names, including Campus Names, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, and for use by groups and/or individuals. The Regents of the University of California also owns Federal Trademark Registrations on “UCLA” and “UCLA Bruins” in both block and script style in nearly all consumer product categories. California State Trademark Registrations are owned for “UCLA” marks and logos in block and script styles and for “UCLA Bruins.” Unauthorized use of these Trademarks may constitute an infringement of The Regents’ rights under State and Federal Trademark law. In addition, The Regents claims rights to all graphic representations of UCLA, University of California Los Angeles, Bruins, Campus mascot illustrations, the official University Seal, and the unofficial campus Seals.

Advertising that displays or lists the University as a user of any product or service or as the source of research information on which a commercial product, service, program or publication is based, is prohibited. This prohibition extends to advertising using any name, picture, landmark, building or other indicia of the University. Approval of an exception to this policy may be granted only in writing by an authorized University official. However, approval may only be so granted for institutional or goodwill advertising clearly regarded as being in the best interests of the University.

See: Policy to Permit Use of the University's Name at ; Policy to Permit Use of the Unofficial Seal at, both issued by the Office of the President of the University; UCLA Policy 110 at (including rules regarding staff and faculty use of the name); and California Education Code, Section 92000.

The growth of the Internet has created new areas of concern involving the use of the University’s names and marks. UCLA Policy 411 specifies how the use of the “UCLA” name, seal, logos and trademarks apply to Domain Names. The policy also addresses the process for registering Domain Names at UCLA.

See UCLA Policy 411 at